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What the staff say

Judith Tutin Head of Faculty, Creative and Performing Arts Truro High School, December 2017
"Aspire arts came to my school to help year 13 students with their portfolios. The individual attention they gave was very valuable. It was a great opportunity for students to hear advice and opinions from an objective viewpoint, something that is difficult to do as their teacher when you have spent so much time with them. Sarah and Jane were particularly helpful in advising how a digital portfolio should look, and what pages have the most impact. The portfolio development tasks were refreshing for the students, and took them out of their A Level projects, with a fresh approach. Aspire Arts have experience of seeing thousands of portfolios, so they can really assess what has the most impact and edit out any work that doesn't, again a difficult thing for an art teacher to do when you may only have a few students and be very invested in them. All of my students have now received offers from art colleges, so their portfolio preparation was successful. I would thoroughly recommend Aspire Arts because the amount of time required to get portfolios ready is additional to teaching time in class, and all aspiring art students can benefit greatly from this." 

What the students say

Libby, Millfield School

“The winter term at school was tough to get everything organised, unrealised pieces had to be displayed in a portfolio for University interviews. I found it shuddered my confidence in producing art pieces as you had to look into a final realisation too quickly just to try and get your best work into an interview. Being an art scholar I thought it was ok to be independent and not need a lot of help with piecing my work together in a portfolio but looking back I needed a bit more time with a tutor who wasn't so busy themselves.”

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Alice, Truro High School, December 2017

“They gave us an idea of what kind of work you would do on a Foundation, and opened us up to different ways of working that we might not necessarily be able to do within the A-Level courses. I found going through all my work and planning what to take in/leave out and how to lay it all out the most useful part of the sessions."

What the parents say

Kath, Parent January 2018

"Huge thanks to Sarah for her help and support with our daughters portfolio for her university interview.

Despite having worked in university admissions for nearly ten years, I had no creative experience or knowledge so it was impossible for me to give any constructive advice or input. I had no idea what the interviewers would be looking for so Edie went to see Sarah with everything that she had and they looked through it together.

Edie came home with a list of action points and with this direction, she felt able to focus on what was needed to produce the very best and most appropriate portfolio. She then visited Sarah again and they went though the order of work and some likely interview questions.  Sarah encouraged her to form some clear answers to demonstrate her motivation for the subject.

To sum up the value of the consultations with Sarah, the work was all there, the thoughts were there but it gave Edie a little more focus to sort though her work and see it through the eyes of the interviewers. Sarah is also a very encouraging, warm and charming person who boosted Edies confidence in her own work and ability.

I can not recommend her highly enough!

Thank you so much - Edie received her offer within two days of her interview!"

K & J.Woods, Parents 2018

"As  parents we welcomed the support and advice from specialists in Art & Design. Our son had guidance from School but no general careers advisor has the time to  visit courses and be involved in every subject or career on offer. Aspire arts provided a valuable and knowledgable insight into the world of Art & Design; they know what is required for a meaningful application and future career development in the visual arts."

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