* We get you interview ready
* We enable you to feel organised and focussed
* We can help with diagnosing your specialist area
* We are highly experienced Art & Design Educators

Our Online Portfolio Advice includes:

* One to One portfolio discussion, through a Skype interview.

* Discussion around the nature, content and focus of  your work. 

* Consideration of the art & design processes employed in work and how this relates to application(s). 

* Encouraging reflection upon working process and idea development as an important element in building
a folder.

* The most effective way to present a portfolio for an interview.

* The importance of selecting and ordering work, to best show off your skills.

* Advice sheet.

What you will need:

* High resolution images of sketchbook work and drawing books.  

* Course work including preparatory studies.

* Any other work that you have made in addition to coursework .

* 3D work if transportable, otherwise photographs. 

* Photography / film work. 

* Garments, Costume, Samples. 

* Drawings / evidence of observation & reflection.

* The questionnaire supplied by us.

1:1 Portfolio Session 1.5 hour £65.00
1:1 Portfolio / Individual Careers Advice Session 2 hours £85.00
1:1 Portfolio/Individual Careers Advice Session 3 hours £125.00
Follow up sessions available at £45.00 per hour.

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Points to remember

Your portfolio should show your processes, your ideas, the way the way you think and the areas that you are interested in. It needs to speak for you.

A well presented portfolio shows that you care about your work and that you are serious about your application.


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Your interview

It is important that the course/s you have chosen feel right for you. The interview is a great opportunity to ask questions, view the facilities, studios  and workshops.

Remember that they are looking at your potential and  your aspirations. Use your portfolio as a prompt to talk about the processes, materials and projects that you enjoy.