Aspire Arts offers from highly experienced Art & Design Educators

*  Portfolio Advice
*  Careers Advice/UCAS choices
*  Encouragement & support for those applying for Art & Design courses in FE & HE
*  Development for Individuals wanting to expand their visual arts thinking & practice

Jane Chetwynd
 MA BA (Hons)  SFHEA

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Jane has  an MA in Contemporary Fine Arts, a BA Hons in Textiles Fashion and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has extensive experience within the FE & HE Arts Education sector specialising in Art and Design. Jane has worked for a leading Arts University as a lecturer, and course leader. As well as this she has written degree courses, curated shows and is an external lead moderator for the University of Arts London. Having worked as a freelance designer in London and more recently as a fine artist, Jane's interests span a diverse range of media and processes. Guiding students to areas of appropriate specialism according to personal interests, aspirations, and career ambitions, through UCAS to achieve personal and creative fulfilment is an important aspect in Jane's career as an artist, designer and educator.

Sarah Hayes

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Sarah has an MA in Creative Education and a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and has extensive experience within the FE & HE Arts Education sector specialising in Art and Design. Sarah worked on a Graphic Design course for 8 years and a UAL Level 4 Foundation Diploma course for 17 years and where she was responsible for diagnosing students area of specialism within the Creative Arts and supporting students progression onto the right Undergraduate courses through UCAS. Sarah is passionate about enabling young people to reach their full potential and is a Moderator for four of CAVA's Access to Higher Education Arts courses in the South West and a UAL Assessor  for the Level 3 Applied General Diploma in Art & Design.  Sarah is currently an Associate Lecturer at Falmouth University.

Judith Tutin Head of Faculty, Creative and Performing Arts, Truro High School

"Aspire arts came to my school to help year 13 students with their portfolios. The individual attention they gave was very valuable. It was a great opportunity for students to hear advice and opinions from an objective viewpoint, something that is difficult to do as their teacher when you have spent so much time with them. Sarah and Jane were particularly helpful in advising how a digital portfolio should look, and what pages have the most impact. The portfolio development tasks were refreshing for the students, and took them out of their A Level projects, with a fresh approach. Aspire Arts have experience of seeing thousands of portfolios, so they can really assess what has the most impact and edit out any work that doesn't, again a difficult thing for an art teacher to do when you may only have a few students and be very invested in them. All of my students have now received offers from art colleges, so their portfolio preparation was successful. I would thoroughly recommend Aspire Arts because the amount of time required to get portfolios ready is additional to teaching time in class, and all aspiring art students can benefit greatly from this."

Sophie Year 13 2017

“Jane & Sarah's clear advice really helped me get my portfolio ready and they showed me how to present and talk about my work so that I felt really confident going to my interviews!”