3 x 2 day art workshops running 10-4. Arriving at 9.30. (you can attend 1 or 2 or 3 workshops)

Cost -workshops  £130.00 each; all 3 £360.00 if booked in advance.

All projects start with a gentle walk observing and absorbing the variety and richness of landscape.

The essence of the workshops are to engage with the surrounding environment and history of place. We will help you create visual work that is your own unique response to the landscape in the vicinity of Kestle Barton. Each workshop will ask you to consider different aspects of the site and will encourage you to engage in aspects such as material potential, mark making, words as image, recording, field work, sample making, idea development and environmental considerations. A power point of relevant artists work will accompany each workshop. 

The workshops are designed to complement each other and give a variety of approaches to image generation. Sarah and Jane who previously worked on and ran a top arts foundation course will lead the sessions. You can take one, two or all three workshops.  Materials will be supplied but thoughtful additions are always welcome and we encourage all participants to have bring a drawing book and pencils.


Workshop 1 Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th April 2018

Drawings from the Land.  

Whilst we walk across and over the land, observing over the wall, at our feet and through  the foliage you will collect drawn and physical evidence that can be explored in more  depth back in the studio. On day 2 we will support you in developing your ideas further  into drawings that might be temporary, speculative and placed either inside or out.  Outcomes could include photo’s, drawings and an awareness of new visualising  mechanisms.


Workshop 2 Tuesday 15th &  Wednesday 16th May 2018

Sewing with Nature. 

We will explore the garden making notes about plant structures, different textures, colour  palette and curious physical makeup.  Using plant like materials that are found, supplied  and improvised, you will join and manipulate materials into 3D and surface forms. Sewing  and other related techniques will be employed to realise your ideas. On day 2 we will  support you in exploring forms and materials in more depth to create ideas for larger  projects. Outcomes will include drawings, samples and a heightened sensitivity to material  properties and the potential of organic forms for inspiration.


Workshop 3  Tuesday 19th &  Wednesday 20th June 2018

 Typography Topography,  Words and Place in Art.

In this workshop we will look at maps, historical and current local documents and  literature for inspiration. With our support you will explore, describe, and capture the  essence of the environment you find yourself in, through the playful use of text and image.  Outcomes will  include ideas sheets and or a book, these will present a personal response  and insight, both linguistically and visually into your understanding and relationship to this  intriguing location.