3 x 3 day Intensive art courses run 10.15 -4.15. Arriving at 10.00. (you can attend 1 or 2 or 3 workshops)

Courses run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Cost -workshops  £175.00 each; all 3 workshops £490 if booked in advance.

These 3 day intensive creative arts courses are designed to help you to see differently and obtain new approaches for developing a visual language. The courses provide a bitesize visual arts foundation for those wishing to explore other ways of working and thinking. Each course is 3 days long and designed to be taken as individual courses or as an a block of study totalling 9 days.

You will need to bring - Drawing media including charcoal, graphite, rubbers, masking tape and drawing books ideally A4 and hardbound. A1 paper (can be purchased on the day). A means of photographically recording  and a memory stick. For course 3 you will need a strong cardboard box, a cutting knife and a mirror.

Course 1 -  17, 18 , 19 April.  Course 1b -  5, 6, 7, June.     


Over the 3 days we will introduce you to different ways of seeing and recording by way of a series of drawing projects.  These projects are designed to challenge conventional ways of seeing and recording. You will be asked to look beyond figurative representation and to consider a variety of processes to inform your imagery and visual understanding.    Outcomes - 1x double A1 Drawing; 1 or 2 busy A1 worksheets; 1 A1 Measured drawing. Students will gain a new perspective on drawing one that is playful, questioning and recognises drawings potential to express ideas. 

  Course 2 -    1,  2,   3.  May.  Course 2 b-  12,   13,  14.  June


Over the 3 days the course we will introduce you to Idea development through workshops about material properties and compositional opportunities. On the 3rd day you will build on the previous 2 days findings to initiate ideas for a 2D or 3D product (garment, costume, package, illustration, artifact, sculptural form …….). Outcomes - 2 x A1 worksheets and samples / maquettes, Further proposal drawings and considered samples / illustrations showing an understanding of the potential of materials and compositional applications.  

Course 3 -   22, 23, 24 May.  Course 3 b -   26,  27,  28.  June


Over the 3 days the course we will help you explore ideas about space and learn how to discover and record this through, models, working drawings and painting. Outcomes - A preliminary model of a considered space, 2 worksheets, photo record, a better understanding of spatial properties and the breadth of its potential application.