Typographic based installation

Typographic based installation

About A Place
KESTLE BARTON is an ancient Cornish farmstead situated above the Helford with beautiful gardens and wildflower meadows, providing an outstanding and inspiring environment.

Kestle Barton, 2 day
Visual Arts Workshops
April, May & June 2018

‘About A Place’ offers participants the opportunity to :

* Draw, make objects and visualise words. 

* Explore a range of working   methods to achieve a variety of objectives. 

* Develop skills in creative thinking. 

* Enable visual idea generation. 

* Gain a more in-depth understanding or connection to the ‘place’ you find yourself in. 

* Be guided by experienced educators /practising artists.

 Beach drawing project

Beach drawing project

See Experiment Explore
FALMOUTH (known affectionately
as The Poly) has been encouraging innovation and culture for over 175 years. We are very excited about working  in this historic venue.

The Poly  Falmouth, 3 day Intensive Arts Courses
April, May & June 2018

‘See Experiment Explore’ offers participants the opportunity to :

* Look and observe in different ways. 

* Discover new approaches for  developing a visual language. 

* Challenge conventional ways of seeing and recording. 

* Explore the potential of materials..  

* Produce work in 2 and 3 dimensions. 

* Draw to discover, inform and progress ideas. 

* Develop your working processes. 

* Recognise the potential to take your ideas on a journey. 

 Painting and colour workshop

Painting and colour workshop

How to book

to book a place on either of these courses please follow the link to eventbrite to select which course & days you require.