Our Careers Advice Sessions include:

* An overview of the range of Art and Design courses available.

* Career opportunities beyond education in the Visual Arts

* Expectations of receiving courses - what the interview / folder might be like. 

* The other options available. 

* A questionnaire encouraging thought about potential subject areas. 

* Breakout discussion groups around personal aspirations and future objectives. 

* Visual examples of a range of art & design disciplines.

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What students say about our advice

“The Careers Advice talk really helped me to understand the huge range of options within art and design”

Lily, year 13
“They gave us an idea of what kind of work you would do on a Foundation, and opened us up to different ways of working that we might not necessarily be able to do within the A-Level courses. 
"I found going through all my work and planning what to take in/leave out and how to lay it all out the most useful part of the sessions."
Alice Year 13

"Just knowing how to prepare for my interview in terms of my Portfolio and also to know what the interviewers would be looking for really gave me confidence"

Edie Year 13

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“The winter term at school was tough to get everything organised, unrealised pieces had to be displayed in a portfolio for University interviews. I found it shuddered my confidence in producing art pieces as you had to look into a final realisation too quickly just to try and get your best work into an interview. Being an art scholar I thought it was ok to be independent and not need a lot of help with piecing my work together in a portfolio but looking back I needed a bit more time with a tutor who wasn't so busy themselves.”

Libby, Millfield School